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INSCE001-Elements of Life Insurance IINSCE002-Elements of Health Insurance INSCE004-Ethics in the Insurance Industry
INSCE005-Health Savings Account INSCE007-Flood Insurance Concepts INSCE008-Hurricanes and Their Impact on Insurance (FL Only)
INSCE009-Ethics and the Client INSCE010-Flood Insurance and the National Flood Insurance Program {NFIP} (FL Only) INSCE011-Premium Discounts Mitigation Options (FL Only)
INSCE013-Medicare Today (FL Only) INSCE014-Suitability of Annuity and Life Insurance Transactions for Seniors (FL Only) INSCE017-Senior Suitability - Annuity and Life Insurance Transactions for Seniors (FL Only)


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INS003FL40- Florida 2-15 Pre-licensing ONLINE ONLY INS003MD60 and INS003PA24- Life and Health Pre-licensing (MD and PA) INS004- Life, Health, Annuities Tutorial for All States.
PE001-Practice Exam Generator PE002-Practice Exam Generator Plus INS001-Florida Life and Health Pass Prep
INS001-Other States Life and Health Pass Prep    



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INS007-Florida Property and Casualty Pre-Licensing Course (Classroom Final Exam) INS007FL200hr-Floriday Property and Casualty Pre-Licensing ONLINE ONLY INS002-Florida Property and Casualty Pass Prep
INS002-All other states Property and Casualty Pass Prep INS015FL52hr-Florida Personal Lines Agent Pre-Licensing Pre-licensing ONLINE ONLY INS016FL40hr- Florida 4-40 to 2-20 Conversion Pre-licensing ONLINE ONLY
INS005FL40-Florida Registered Customer Service Rep Designation ONLINE ONLY INS012-Florida Registered Customer Service Pass Prep INS013FL40-Florida 3-20, 5-20, 6-20 ACA Designation ONLINE ONLY
PE003-2-20 and 20-44 Practice Question Generator    



Log into your Basic Education/Adult or Youth G.E.D Courses
BE001-GED Writing Skills Course BE002-GED Mathematics Course BE003-GED Science
BE004-GED Interpreting Literature and the Arts BE005-GED Social Studies  

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Last Updated: January 31, 2014
by Melody Schiesl



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