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GLOBAL LEARN DAY RESCHEDULED Again!!! Goto http://www.bfranklin.edu/gld98/ for details.


GLDII December 19 and 20, 1998 to be held as a workshop??


Global Learn Day II (GLD2) Host List

Open Access to the World through volunteer Hosts


Host List




Central America and Caribbean


New Zealand

North America

South America


Please consider becoming a GLD2 hosting site. If you have not identified yourself as a GLD2 hosting site, please send a message directly to terry@oltraining.com and I will add you to the list. If you would like more information about GLD2, please click here.

Two Types of Hosting Sites. There are two basic types of hosting sites. First, informational sites. These hosting sites maintain current GLD2 information and answer questions for those requiring assistance to participate in GLD2. The second type, physical hosting site, provides some degree physical access (actual access to GLD2 during some portion of the event). Hosting sites can serve as both types of sites. For example, OLT is both an information site and a physical hosting site.

Restatement of Types of Hosting Sites. Informational Hosts only need an e-mail address and a geographical location, and have a willingness to respond to questions. Physical Access Hosts should indicate who they are interested in hosting (staff and faculty from their parent institution, educators from your geographical area, public officials and policy makers, the general public) and whether their is a limitation on the number of individuals that can be handled.

Who are you providing access to? Please indicate whether you are primarily interested in providing access to (1) those new to the internet, (2) individuals, (3) K-12 institutions, (4) Colleges, (5) Universities, (6) government, and/or (7) corporations, or (8) all of the above.


Back ground - Some time ago I exchanged e-mail with a person in Montana, who expressed concern about access to knowledge about distance education. Her location was remote. For her, travel to any physical conference would involve a full day of ground transportation and air travel. In particular, she was concerned that many distance education conferences could only be attended by individuals with substantial budgets.

Why Hosting - I believe access to distance education technology and knowledge is a critical issue. I also believe the solution is in the hands of each of us who currently have access.

In the same way that there is something wrong with the notion of a distance education conference that does not include a distance education component; there is something wrong with a free global distance education conference that doesn't seek to provide the maximum access to potential participants. After all, it is only free to to those that have access. After all, it is only free to those that have paid the admission price of acquired technology.

The Plan - The plan, approved by The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education, is to make world-wide access to Global Learn Day II (GLD2) as easy as possible through a program of volunteer hosting sites. The purpose of a hosting site is to serve as an access point to GLD2. Access can be provided through sharing of physical assets, such as computer(s) connected to the internet, or through the sharing of information such as explaining to someone in your area, region, culture or language group how to participate in GLD2.

The plan is to provide every region, nation, city, town, village, college, school, library, organization, business, or person with the possibility of being a GLD2 hosting site.

I will maintain the list for GLD2 hosting sites. The list will be at bfranklin.edu and at olt.net. Others are encouraged to mirror the hosting list and point all interested in participating towards http://www.bfranklin.edu.

The following is a sample of a host list entry. If you have suggestions for improving the format or content please send them to me.

North America

Host: OnLine Training, Inc.

Type: Information and physical access (minimum of one computer as needed).

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

Contact information: Terry Redding, (561) 357-0841, terry@oltraining.com

URL: http://www.oltraining.com/GLD2

Latest information or to register for GLD2: http://www.bfranklin.edu

How you can help - Locally, I have provided Internet Service Provider companies, private clubs, and other businesses with an invitation to be an access point for Global Learn Day II. On an international level, I have personally invited the Knights of Columbus to host through their affiliation with the educational arm of the Catholic Church, Motorola Corporation and the World Trade Center.

I invite anyone reading this to copy this message to potential hosting sites and to add a personal note explaining that Global Learn Day is a world-wide free celebration of learning; GLD2 will have participation by the academy and industry in the dissemination of current distance education knowledge, and demonstrations of the current technology online; GLD2 is a true conference with the possibility of interacting online with other participants and presenters through streaming audio, web pages, and online moderated chat rooms.

If you notice eyes beginning to glaze over at the mention of the technology of the web, please let them know this conference is for them. Once they have experienced GLD2 the mystery of internet based distance education will have ended for them.

Please consider becoming a GLD2 hosting If you have not identified yourself as a GLD2 hosting site, please send a message directly to terry@oltraining.com and I will add you to the list.


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